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Anyone can "Google" a real estate agent, a mortgage company, a surveyor, an engineer, a builder (you've found one!) and subcontractors to bring a new home project to a successful completion. But only a team - a well oiled, like-minded machine - can make it happen within budget, on time, and with as few fireworks as possible. They say you're only as good as the people with whom you're surrounded. These folks & organizations make it happen.
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Kristi Neidhardt, Realtor®
Century 21
BUY a lot & SELL your home

(410) 599-1370
Keep this in mind: you really want the SAME real estate agent to find your building lot AND sell your existing home. The timing must be perfect - you cannot split these tasks up! Kristi stood in 90 degree summer heat during a green festival in Howard County, determined to show people a better way to build. As an EcoAgent she takes "location, location, location" to the next level... she covers what you need in a property purchase, but also infuses her green knowledge to your earth-friendly advantage.
Tom Coronato, Sr Loan Officer
Citizens Bank
Mortgage solutions for home purchase or refinance
(605) 717-7692
Tom Coronato offers mortgage solutions for home purchasing or refinancing. If you have a question regarding home loan programs he has an answer. Whether a large or small loan, Tom's expertise and experience can assist you in finding the right mortgage that meets your needs.
Joseph Berchielli, P.E.
JB Engineering

JB Engineering, a small and accountable company, has been providing structural design and evaluation services since 1986. Joe goes the extra mile to make sure our projects are sound from the footings on up.
J B   E N G I N E E R I N G
Structural Design and Analysis
Stan & Junior Weaver, Owners
Modular Home Erectors
(717) 733-0506
Setting a custom modular home, however, is one area where we will always pay for quality. The crews with MHE cap months of our designing, planning and preparation in a matter of hours... we’re dead-on square and weather-tight usually in one day. They do it right, they do it cost-effectively, and they make it look easy.
Modular Home Builder
Gary Fleisher, "Modular Coach"
Visit the MHB BLOG
"A Practical Approach For Modular Home Builders That Are 
Looking For Help And Staying Focused And Profitable."
The Modular Home BookWhy Build Modular? Visit The Modular Home Book, an essential guide covering all aspects of modular home building and design, from choosing a dealer to financing. Excellent resource site and book for dealers, contractors, or new home customers looking to buy a modular house or addition.  
The Modular Home Store The Home Store offers modular home floor plans online and is the largest builder of custom modular homes and modular home additions in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, New York's Hudson Valley, and Long Island.

DIY Resources for researching land to build on...

If you don't already have land on which to build, we've found ZipRealty.com to be one of the best Internet sources available. It provides more search criteria and filters (to specifically tailor your search) than any other web portal we've seen, and includes local MRIS listings.

Researching Land Plats

If you're working with an experienced realtor, they can often provide much of the information you need to know about buildable land: raw land vs. permitted lots; onsite water & sewer service vs. well and septic tank; zoning and subdivision.

Otherwise, you can get very useful land survey and plat information from Maryland's Digital Image Reference System. To gain access to DIRS visit www.plats.net and enter the following:
  • Username: plato
  • Password: plato#
For fantastic aerial views of any parcel of land, by address, visit Google Maps and zoom in!

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