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Eco-Friendly Modular Home    

"From factory to fabulous in 60 days!"
September 2008
[they mention $200/SF for the whole shebang... we try never to get that high! --Ed]
Country Living Magazine (online)

BUILDER BLOG: Modular Home Builder

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High Performance Modular VIDEOS
Fox5 NEWS - Finish Werks set in Bethesda

Fox5 NEWS - Finish Werks set in Annapolis
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High Performance Modular

BOB VILA: Modular Homes Make Sense
Building Sys: High Performance Modular Homes
THIS OLD HOUSE: Modular Homes!

Building Sys: The Modular System At Work (5MB)

That House On A Trailer Is No Trailer Home!

Energy Efficient/Green

Green Buyers Find Modular Fabulous

Palm Harbor Modular Goes GREEN
Simple Way To Build Sustainable

Green Design Strategies
What Makes It Green - a look at 5 homes
The New Trophy Home: Small and Ecological
ZERO Energy, INFINITE Appeal

Energy Efficient From the Ground Up
Michelle Kaufmann "Nutrition Labels for Homes"

Brochures & Information

ENERGY STAR Certification For HOMES

Building Systems Council: Modular FAQ's
Building Sys Council: Sorting Out Green Designations

CHART: Mobile Home vs. Modular vs. Stick Building

Modular MDU's

Modular Apartment Building in Seattle

Modular MDU's (multiple dwelling units) Go Up Faster
Energy Efficient/Green GLOSSARY

LEED's Green Home Guide


From the ENERGY STAR® website:

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GREEN BUILDING: Framing & Insulation Design Detail