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“The conservation of natural resources is the fundamental problem. Unless we solve that problem it will avail us little to solve all others.”

- Theodore Roosevelt, Address to the Deep Waterway Convention, October 4, 1907

Going Green with Finish Werks

Harris Woodward of Finish Werks spoke on "Green Home Building" at the EnviroCenter for the August 2009 Green Building Network (GBN) meeting, and again at the 2009 Green Home Show on November 7&8. The presentation (Adobe PDF) can be viewed or downloaded by clicking on the link here:
"Green Home Building" Presentation

Understanding Green Building

Green Modular Homes. Energy Star Qualified. LEED Certified. Finish Werks will help you navigate today’s “green” options with ease. Here’s what you’ll need to know…

Building Environmentally Green Modular Homes means…High Performance Homes

What we say about High-Performance Green Modular Home Building:

  • "Building Green" homes is as old as building dwellings, and yet it is finally coming into its own as a movement of necessity.   We must correct the current imbalance before sustainable building can become the norm.  We think building green manufactured, or “modular” homes is important in correcting this imbalance.
  • There are many building standards vying to confer green building status and certification, and time will tell which governing body prevails. Until the dust settles, we try to incorporate the best in your unique project:
    • LEED for Homes by the USGBC,
    • Green Building Standards by the NAHB,
    • Energy Star/Indoor Air Package by the U.S. EPA
    • And many more
  • As Contributing Members of the local Green Building Institute we actively network and collaborate for constant company and self-improvement.
  • Every home is different; yours will be the beneficiary of the growing body of experience within our industry, and at Finish Werks.

    On our 
    High Performance Homes and Additions page, find out the key components of a green modular home and what your options are as a homeowner. Make your home perform at its best in terms of energy, water, and resource efficiency.

    $ - Investing Your Green in Building Green Homes - $

    Know that you are making a JUSTIFIED decision when you invest in “green” manufactured home building – justified by the improvements in your health and comfort, the health of our planet, and quantifiable financial returns ($$$).

    However, Finish Werks is not just here to help you make a “green” investment with your next modular or stick-built home or addition. We are green home builders, but we have also compiled information that we feel is a must-read for the Green DIY'er whether you’re building a home or not.

    How You Can “Green Your Modular Home” (or any home for that matter!)

    There are lots of simple ways for a homeowner to go green without the help of expensive outside sources. Here’s the top 10 easiest ways to green your home, courtesy of Ann Archer of MSN Real Estate. For full explanations, visit our "Green Your Home" page.
    1. Green Up Your Appliances
    2. Watch the Temp
    3. Save Water
    4. Clean Green
    5. Let there be Energy-efficient Light
    6. Save a Tree, Use Less Paper
    7. Want hardwood floors, Opt for Bamboo
    8. Reduce Plastics, Reduce Global Warming
    9. Use Healthier Paint
    10. Garden Green

    We’ve got one more to add to the list – properly recycle batteries and fluorescent light bulbs. We’ll even help you out with this! Drop by our office with all your old batteries and fluorescent bulbs, and together we will keep them out of our local landfills, waterways, and ultimately our loved-ones' bodies.

    If you are still craving more on “green,” check out our library of EnergyEfficient and Green PDFs, on our Media & Downloads page.

    From here on down, you will find even more resources on green home building, whether manufactured/modular or stick-built, including an excerpt from Green From the Ground Up, a book on common-sense solutions for creating homes that are self-reliant, resilient, and versatile. At the very bottom of the page, a complete list of industry resources, from associations and organizations to consultants and publications, details the websites and contact information for each.